Chavela Vargas

Year of Birth: 1919
Year of Death: 2012
Age at Death: 93
State last lived in: Mexico

In Brief:

Chavela Vargas was a ranchera singer who broke through stereotypes about women Mexican singers. A recipient of multiple music awards, Vargas refused to change pronouns in love songs she sang about women. She became a professional singer at age 31, and was well-known for her lusty and emotional style. Vargas recorded “La Llorona” in the 2002 movie Frida, which was about Frida Khalo who had been a friend and past lover of Vargas’s.

More information can be found on:
Audio: “”Que Te Vaya Bonito
The New Yorker: “Postscript: Mexico’s Majestic Lesbian Canteuse, Chavela Vargas”

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