Where lesbian experience and culture—past and present—is celebrated and remembrances about the women before us are shared.

LesbianLegacy.com shares obituaries and remembrances about women who self-identify as lesbians. These mini-biographies describe the lives and accomplishments of women who have died and express the joy of their presence in this world, as well as the sorrow of their loss.

Lesbians are often described as “the invisible minority” and yet their accomplishments to culture and society often are as significant as their lives are passionate.  LesbianLegacy.com documents lesbian lives and life experiences that are their bequest to us all, especially to today’s lesbian community. Here we share the stories of lesbian lives so that they are not forgotten.

For an obituary or brief biography to be included in LesbianLegacy.com, a woman must be identified as lesbian in the written piece. We are not interested in “outing” women but instead want to be a place of acknowledgment and celebration. The strength of the information on this site comes from the strength of the women’s lives included.

Featured Legend

Elaine Stocker

Elaine Stocker, DN, established Healing Hands Holistic Health Center in 1979 and was a licensed Doctor of Naprapathy. She loved drumming and was known for …